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Jenelle only works with 2 1:1 client's at any given time, so submit your application sooner than later to have a chance to grab one of the spots.

Inside the application you'll find all the details and information about 1:1 packages.

If 1:1 isn't a fit for you, Jenelle will be able to direct you to resources and tools to support you.

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1:1 is right for you if...

  • You’re serious about making major changes in your life and relationships — you take action and are self-responsible. You just need the mentorship and guidance to get there.
  • You want to have a conscious relationship (either with your current or future partner)
  • You’ve tried mindset or traditional healing work, and you feel stuck in making changes
  • You’re open to doing advanced personal growth work in order to create the life and relationships of your dreams
  • You’re willing to take action on the tools and practices assigned to you

If you're single you can expect...

  • Healing painful relationship patterns: no more settling for breadcrumbs
  • Conscious dating plans and clarity around what you want in a future relationship
  • Stepping into your inner queen — claiming what it is you want and calling in a high-caliber partner to match your energy
  • Working with your sexual energy to fuel creation and success and increase your attraction
  • Discovering more sides of yourself — accessing a fuller range of your personality and self expression
  • Uncovering and going after your life’s aspirations, desires and dreams
  • Having the toolkit and skills to navigate a future conscious relationship

If you're in a relationship, you can expect...

  • A personalized way to re-create or sustain the spark and intimacy
  • Tailored tools to go deeper in communication and connection
  • Learning to fully own and speak your needs and live a more authentic life
  • Tools to grow closer through conflict rather than further apart
  • A whole new level of connection that you didn’t think was possible
  • A deeper connection to yourself — Maintain your sense of self while being wildly connected to your partner.
  • Reciprocity: Balance out your relationship roles. Stop over giving and caretaking to a place of resentment and increase your ability to receive and ask for what you want.