Online Women's Group:

For the woman who is ready to re-write her story, heal her relationships and step into new levels of growth. Cultivate inner leadership, communication, and relationship skills. Become authentically confident and empowered. Restore balance in your life.

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This is for you if... 

You've tried healing patterns by reading all the books, listening to the podcasts, and yet you still feel blocked in making change.


🪞 Perhaps you've been dating people who you know on some level aren't good for you.

🪞 Maybe you struggle to set boundaries and prioritize your needs.

🪞 You may be in a relationship that keeps cycling through the same blocks, seemingly going nowhere...

🪞 Or maybe you sabotage opportunities to grow in wealth, health, love or inner wellbeing.


WHATEVER IT IS - It all arises from a place within you. The inner relationship you have with yourself has the potential to grow and flourish.

Here's the vibe:

♀ RELATIONSHIP WORK: Healing patterns, developing communication tools, letting go of the past, and conscious relationship work to create dreamy relationships.

♀ SOMATICS & EMBODIMENT: Nervous system regulation & training, creating safety so you can be more self-expressed, go after what you want most and take the risks you desire to take.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Be held, heard and supported through life's twists and turns. Nothing is off the table, you're encouraged to share the realest real so we can all be seen in truth and love.

ACCOUNTABILITY & INTENTIONS: Share intentions, desires and plans so you can stay motivated in your healing journey and continue working towards what's most important to you. (Routines, career advancements, starting that biz, setting a boundary, having a vulnerable talk... anything that you want.)

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Connect with other women who are devoted to their growth and healing. Develop friendships, collaborate with like-minded humans and share insights. Develop leadership skills by speaking up and sharing your thoughts and perspectives with other members. Learn to take up space and feel safe being your authentic self. This is a no-BS zone :)

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This is a practice ground... 


  • For you to shed layers of shame that keep you and your full authentic personality at bay.
  • For your relationships to deepen and expand your confidence
  • To practice speaking up for yourself and your wants, desires, and dreams. 
  • To be held in community and see yourself in the mirrors that others hold up.
  • To be guided into making more self-honoring choices.
  • To create the life you know you're meant to.

Online Women's Group: Create the Life You Want.

 Through the power of intentional sharing, practices and tools.


It’s a place to create more fulfilling relationships, be empowered, make choices based on your true needs, set boundaries, and love yourself in bigger ways.

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What we're about...


♀ This group is a collective of women who are dedicated to their healing journeys. We will cover a wide variety of topics like relationships, sexuality, worthiness, confidence, feminine and masculine polarity, somatic work, boundaries, healing from painful dynamics, and more. 

It’s perfectly normal when you consider joining a group like this to feel both excited and nervous. Trust your intuition and know that some level of nerves is expected. In fact, it usually means there is something quite potent for you in joining because there may be an opportunity to expand your comfort zone. If sharing in front of people feels difficult, know that I will always prioritize the wellness of your nervous system, and your level of participation is a choice. I will lovingly and gently encourage you to share more openly as you feel comfortable doing so.

What you receive when you join

Live Calls

Two 2 hour calls each month, spaced out bi-weekly, where you'll go through exercises and receive support on a variety of topics. You'll have time to share each week.


When you join you'll get access to a program portal that hosts guided practices to help you soothe your system, process emotions and access your personal power.


You'll get access to a WhatsApp chat where you can ask for additional support and connect with the other women in the group.

"I’ve been really reflecting on what we covered in the last meeting and it ended up be super helpful for me setting a boundary with my mother in law, which has been SO hard for me in the past. A huge triumph for me! I was so happy for the experience in the group meeting and that I could pull energy from that. It felt amazing and so much healthier."

– T.B.


"I’ve found the strength to let go of patterns, beliefs, habits, things and people that are no longer serving me. Now I have so many tools, practices and a beautiful community that I can choose to lean on instead. "

– S.K.


How it works

Each call will be run differently; however, most calls will include things like... 

♀ Open sharing with the group and hearing mine and other people's reflections back to you (not advice-giving. I’ll clarify what this looks like on the call).

♀ Going into Zoom ‘breakout rooms’ (smaller groups) to work with sentence prompts to explore your relationship to the topic at hand.

♀ Practicing listening to other people’s experiences and learning about yourself in the process.

♀ Using active listening skills to hold space for one another and develop valuable relationship skills.

♀ Connection activities with intentional sharing around the topic at hand and getting to know one another more.


& More.

About the facilitator


Jenelle has been facilitating women's groups for 5 years and is trained in Attachment Repatterning, Ancestral Resolution Work, Shadow Work, Somatic Healing and Conscious Relationship Work.

Read more about her here.

This is what it takes to truly change.


Knowledge and learning will only take you so far. If you've been in the personal development space for some time, and are seeking clear, practical tools and a no BS approach, this space is for you. Relational healing happens in relationship. That's why I brought this community together.

What's Included

A 3 month commitment is required once your application is accepted. After that, you'll move to a month-month membership and can cancel at anytime.



3 Month Trial, then month-month.

  • Bi-weekly (2) monthly calls that are 2 hours each, where you receive direct support.
  • Guided practices and trainings on a variety of topics.
  • Group chat platform to get additional support.
  • Recorded tools and practices to support nervous system regulation.

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