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What if ?

  • You had reciprocal relationships where you feel chosen, cared for, and valued 
  • You were able to stop comparing yourself to others and feel confident in yourself 
  • You knew your boundaries, needs, and non-negotiables and were able to communicate them confidently
  • You knew what you wanted in life and relationship and were able to take the steps to get there 
  • You had relationships built on a foundation of trust, health, and transparency
  • You had all the tools needed to grow closer through conflict rather than further apart
  • You were able to connect deeply with a partner without losing your sense of self along the way
  • You were able to call in a committed, healthy partner who treats you right but still excites you. A relationship that is stable AND passionate.

Here’s the problem

Here’s what typically happens for women with unhealed relationship patterns:

  • They feel emotionally activated (triggered) in many moments and default to the same fight, flight or freeze responses over and over.

  • They people please and struggle to set firm boundaries.

  • They overthink and agonize about what people think of them.

  • They feel disconnected from themselves and their intuition.

  • They become lost in anxiety or avoidance when it comes to love and can’t seem to stay in a secure place for long.

  • They see patterns repeating but they feel totally stuck in making a shift. They may have tried talk therapy but didn’t see much change happen.


Eventually, these women feel defeated and like they are to blame. Repeating these cycles is difficult, And seeing it play out time and time again can be soul crushing...

 It doesn’t have to be this way

There is a method that works, and NO, it’s not traditional talk therapy, reading self-help books, or a mindful morning routine...


These methods can be helpful but don’t address the deeper cause of your relationship struggles.

Hey, I’m Jenelle  

I’ve been working with women for 7 years now. I got into this work because I, too, struggled with my self-confidence and my relationships. For years, I chased people who didn’t choose me, numbed my feelings away at every chance I got, and had no clue what boundaries were. 

Nothing changed until I had 2 things: A space to ‘practice’ healthy relationship skills and nervous system work. Once I had these 2 things, my life began to shift. I called in the most loving, healthy partner I could possibly imagine, am surrounded by drama free, deep, caring friendships, and I am excited to be living life each day. A far stretch from where I’ve been. 

That’s why I do what I do, because my life is proof that you can have more. It all begins from within. That’s how I created Secure. I’ve taken what’s been most effective for myself and my clients over the past 7 years and put it all together.

My methods work best for...


Single women who experience dating anxiety, choose emotionally unavailable men and are seeking a mature, healthy relationship.                           


Women in relationships who want to improve their communication skills, have healthier conflicts and deepen their passion in their partnership.

How I’m different

  • I work with a combination of somatic experiencing work, attachment tools, and advanced shadow work, which is an alternative approach

  • I’ve worked with women specifically for years and have trained with the most sought out teachers in this space

  • I equip you with specific practices and tools that are uniquely focused on your relationship patterns

  • I am forward momentum-focused, meaning I’m all about making sure you see changes in your life instead of just talking about your past.

How Secure Works

Phase One


Module 1 - Using Your Nervous System to Change:

Learn to manage your nervous system to overcome triggers and reactivity, access more peace, and start seeing the changes you seek.


Module 2 - Healing Insecure Attachment Through Your Body:

Address anxiety and avoidance in your love life. Become equipped with teachings and tools to work towards being secure in life and relationships.


Module 3 - Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence & Range:

Develop stronger boundaries and confidence through healing your relationship with your emotions. In this step, you’ll reconnect to your power and yourself in a deep way.


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How Secure Works

Phase Two 


Module 4 - Finding Your True Self:

Uncover repressed parts of yourself, identify your true desires, and step into more self-expression.


Module 5 - Advanced Shadow Work for Better Relationships:

Identify and overcome blind spots that cause repeating relationship issues. See the world and others through a completely new lens.


Module 6 - Advanced Shadow Work to Create Your Ideal Life:

Overcome unconscious obstacles to having your deepest desires and make your life a work of art.


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How Secure Works

Phase Three


Module 7 - Conscious Relationship Principles:

Learn key elements for lasting, evolving relationships.


Module 8 - Healthy Dating & Relationship Foundations:

For Those in Relationships: Master foundations for healthy relationships, including communication, attachment strategies, and deep connection practices. For Singles: Identify healthy matches, overcome dating anxiety, and attract a compatible partner.


Module 9 - Navigating Dating & Relationship Challenges:

For Those in Relationships: Handle conflicts in a way that strengthens your bond and keeps the passion alive. For Singles: Manage early dating anxieties and grow through breakups.

Client Love: Rand

So shortly after finishing our program, my cousin connected me with a childhood friend to get to know each other. I followed everything you taught me in the program...stated my non negotiables from the beginning, told him my needs, held space for him without judgements... talking to him felt like a great energetic match! It was different than what I was used to in the past... But it always felt healthy. NOW WE ARE ENGAGED!
I’m sharing the news with you because I wanted to say thank you for helping me become more secure, for helping me attract an amazing person, for helping me become someone of high value, who loves and respects herself. You are a HUGE reason for helping me find an amazing partner, and I’m forever grateful Thank you, my friend.

Client Love: Nikki

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Before working with Jenelle, I was in a toxic relationship without boundaries or the courage to speak up. I had all this awareness of my patterns and their origins, but I was blocked. I didn’t have the tools to move through it.
Through the program, I healed my relationship with my parents, discovered my true self, and gained independence. Everything changed. I figured out what I wanted in life and found the confidence to start my business. I came to Jenelle for better relationships but gained a deep understanding of my potential.
I found my voice, set boundaries, and learned to embrace my emotions. I was numb for years but learned to move through my feelings instead of suppressing them.
Then I met my partner. We're in a beautiful, loving relationship, thanks to the work I did with you. I learned to accept the love from my wonderful, available partner, unlike before when I was only attracted to unavailable men.
It can be scary, but the results are beyond anything you can imagine. I thought I could do it myself, but having Jenelle's support made all the difference. Invest in yourself because it is unbelievably worth it. Your life can completely change.

Client Love: Catherine

At first I was hesitant I’d be able to make the connection between learnings and life and really lean into the program. I quickly realized , there was no way the program wasn’t going to change me. And it did.
I came to Secure to work on my anxious attachment style and the trigger I experience every time I get close to or am in a relationship, causing me to go into “survival mode.” I ended up doing or saying what I needed to avoid rejection or invalidation, and I lost myself in the process.
I now have the tools and techniques to work through, rather than around, my triggers and traumas to better stand up for who I am and what I believe in. I’ve found my power; it’s been inside me all along.
I feel like my life can be broken up into two parts: before and after Secure. I’m a better person for having gone through the program and have since found a lightness, a peace and a hope that I know will help me cultivate the kind of relationships that make life better.

Case Study: Belen

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Before working with Jenelle, I had started living a conscious life but was still stuck. I didn't know how to be clear about who I am and what I accept. I was afraid to be vulnerable and to tell people ‘no,’ hitting a wall and feeling frustrated.
Taking the leap to work with Jenelle felt right despite being scary. I was surprised to uncover beliefs I held about myself and others. Through the program, my relationship with myself has deepened. I'm more loving towards myself and no longer tell myself I'm 'too much.'
My sex life has improved as I now connect with my body during sex instead of disassociating. I can set boundaries and be my authentic self.
Working with Jenelle was the first time I felt completely seen, held, and accepted. She showed me parts of myself I couldn’t see on my own, and I will never forget her.
Now, I get to pass these gifts on to my daughter as well.

Case Study: Julia

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Before we started working together, I believed I wasn’t enough and hid parts of myself I labeled as weird. Childhood traumas and patterns followed me despite lots of therapy, and I kept dating unavailable partners.
Frustrated with these patterns, I knew it was the right moment to work with you, as it wouldn’t change on its own.
Through working together, I learned to self-soothe and create safety in my body, which was different from therapy focused on thoughts.
I became aware of my projections and patterns. Surprisingly, I quickly attracted an available partner and am now in a relationship.
I went deeper than ever before and can now receive and truly let in love from my parents. That was huge.
After 20 years of therapy, I realized most therapies lack a crucial connection to the body. Working with you made all the difference.

 S E C U R E


 whats inside

  • 10 weeks of live facilitated sessions to integrate your new relationship skills
  •  10 live lectures to learn what you need to make change possible (advanced teachings)
  •  Guided nervous system regulation practices to release anxiousness and feel more secure 
  •  2 x 1:1's with Jenelle: Get personalized support and tailored tools and practices
  •  On-going community chat platform to stay connected and ask questions 
  •  Small-sized group to ensure you get direct support each step of the way