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A deep dive to give you the awareness and tools you need to transform your relationships.


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A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.
"finding the person who's right for you requires a very subtle alchemy"


Look into your past to understand what has shaped your patterns. You’ll be guided through resolution practices to help you heal at the root cause to free you of painful patterns.


In this phase, you’ll reconnect with your needs, desires and highest vision for your life & relationships. You’ll be guided through different embodiment practices that allow you to step into your most empowered self.


In this phase, you will connect deeply with your body. You’ll be able to feel your needs, desires and intuitions so you can lead a life of expression, clarity and truth. You’ll get out of your head and into your body.

Alchemy, the program.

A Self-Guided Relational Inner Work Journey

Teachings to become aware of your patterns and how they developed. Exercises to practice a new way of being.

Alchemy contains integrative practices so that you can transform your relationships. No more staying stuck and settling.

Inside Alchemy, you’ll be guided into the depths of your subconscious mind and patterns. Everything will begin to click. You will come to understand your mind, choices and relationships. You’ll also be equipped with practical tools and techniques to make lasting change possible.


Maybe you're single

and you have downloaded and deleted dating apps about a thousand times. You swear it off each time you press delete, only to redownload it the next day. You want a relationship, but you feel like all the men/partners you go on dates with are unavailable or unwilling to commit. You find yourself in a constant push/pull dance that leaves you in a state of anxiety and insecurity…

Maybe you're in a relationship

and you aren’t sure if who you’re with is who you thought they were. You struggle to resolve conflict and ask for what you need. At times, setting boundaries may feel overwhelming and you’re scared they will leave if you speak your truth. You feel like you’ve lost parts of yourself and you aren’t sure what you truly want...

Maybe you're in a long-term relationship

and the passion and depth have fizzled out. You’ve moved through many stages of your relationship, but now it feels stagnant. You’re reading books and listening to podcasts trying to bring back the connection, but nothing seems to work for long…

 Wherever see yourself in this, there's a common thread. You need to work on your relationship with yourself.

Start Your Journey

That is why I created this program.


Trying to make changes on your own can leave you feeling lost and frustrated. If you feel stuck, I see you.

Alchemy is about re-writing patterns, starting with your relationship with yourself.

Is this you?


 You want a wholesome relationship... One where you’re a team and you communicate on a deep level. One full of emotional depth and connection, where you inspire each other to be the best versions of yourselves.

You’re ready to set healthy boundaries, feel clear in your decision making and connect to your inner wisdom.

You've explored your patterns before but feel lost knowing how to make lasting change possible.


Then I have a few truths for you...

Your subconscious mind is 95% of your mental functioning. If your psyche isn’t entirely on board with making healthy changes, you won’t be able to move forward.

Your subconscious is attracted to a certain kind of person to meet unconscious motivations from childhood. If you keep attracting partners who aren’t a healthy match, it’s time to get curious as to why that is.

If you are in a partnership with a healthy match yet can’t find common ground or keep the connection alive, it’s time to look at why that’s happening.

While this can be a painful realization, it also means you have the power to make changes. That’s where Alchemy comes in.

What's included:



Weekly Modules

Each week, you will go through a module to prepare for the live calls. Inside you will learn how to ask yourself life-changing questions. Your understanding of relationships and yourself will shift, allowing you to see and interact with others in a more present, open way.


Toolbox Library

This is a resource centre with a growing library of interactive practices and processes you can use in different life scenarios. Some examples include... Conscious couple practices, dating guides, self-soothing mediations, sensual feminine embodiment practices, dream analysis and more.

When you purchase the self-led program, you'll have first access to upgrade to the live training at a discounted rate when it runs next

Meet your guide


Over the years I’ve trained with countless world-class mentors in transpersonal psychology, family systems work, shadow work, somatic experiencing, conscious relationship teachings, depth psychology and ancestral resolution work.

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"I’ve experienced incredible shifts as a result of doing this work. I have begun to accept who I am now, who I was and who I will be without judging or shaming any part of myself while simultaneously having compassion when I feel the urge to. I feel more confident in using my voice in a way that represents my truth in the most genuine way possible. I am clear on what’s true for me, I am able to lovingly communicate my needs to those I want to set boundaries with. This has made space for harmony and flow to enter all of my dynamics. I’ve found the strength to let go of patterns, beliefs, habits, things and people that are no longer serving me. Now I have so many tools, practices and a beautiful community that I can choose to lean on instead."

– Sunny

Phase one

In this phase, you’ll uncover your painful patterns & discover why they formed in the first place. Then we’ll work with healing practices to help you heal at the origin.


Phase two

In this phase, you’ll reconnect with your needs and desires. You will craft your highest vision for your life & relationships. You’ll be guided through different embodiment practices that allow you to step into your most empowered self.


Phase three

In this module, you’ll reconnect to your body and regulate your nervous system. From here, you’ll be able to feel your needs, desires and intuitions so you can lead a life of expression, clarity and truth. You’ll go from reacting to responding. You’ll get out of your head and into your body. You’ll be able to lead a more present, conscious life.



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